Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mazes by Yonatan Frimer,

The arrows depict the entrance and exists of the mazes.

Maze Portrait of Al Gore: An Inconvenient Maze:

An Inconvenient Maze: Al Gore by you.

More Mazes are available at http://www.InkBlotMazes.com

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Maze from Ape To Zebra
From Ape To Zebra Mazes by you.

Maze created by Yonatan Frimer. Entrances and Exits are marked with arrows.
You can find more mazes like this one at http://www.teamofmonkeys.com

Maze Portrait of Lily Allen, Created by Y.Frimer, author of "Maze Art" - A coffee table book of such mazes.

Lily allen, Mazes Have Feelings Too by you.

More Mazes can be found at http://www.teamofmonkeys.com

Yonatan FrimerMaze Rushmore Maze of Mount Rushmore. Created By Yonatan Frimer

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