Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maze Comics "Team Of Monkeys Maze" of monkeys on segway and bashing a pinata, by Yonatan Frimer and RSL

Arrows mark the entrance and exit of each maze.

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Maze of Monkeys on a Segway

Team Of Monkeys Maze By Y.Frimer & RSL
Monkeys on a Segway scooter
Maze of Monkeys on a Segway
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Maze of Monkey Pinata Party
Team Of Monkeys Maze By Y.Frimer & RSL
maze of pinata party monkeys
Maze of Monkey Pinata Party

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alfardan Group opens the first maze Gordon Ramsay in the Middle East on the Pearl-Qatar

  • First maze restaurant in the Middle East promises ‘European cuisine with an Asian twist’

  • maze Gordon Ramsay welcomes guests for lunch and dinner, seven days a week

11 March 2010: Alfardan Group welcomed international restaurateur and three Michelin Star celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to Doha to celebrate the opening of the first maze Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the Middle East on the lavish Pearl-Qatar.

Mr. Omar Alfardan, President of Alfardan Group, joined Ramsay and a host of local dignitaries for maze’s grand opening event, as Qatar’s elite enjoyed a fine dining experience amid the Pearl-Qatar’s magnificent marinas and island views of an Arabian Rivera with architectural settings inspired by Tuscan, Moroccan, Italianate and Andalusian designs.

“We are delighted to introduce the first maze Gordon Ramsay to the Middle East. maze is a thriving international brand and the Pearl-Qatar is the perfect setting for a restaurant offering Gordon Ramsay’s renowned cuisine. This alliance emphasizes Alfardan Group’s long-term strategy of collaborating with leading innovative brands. We are looking forward to a solid partnership,” commented Mr. Omar Alfardan, President of Alfardan Group.

Guests can expect a luxurious and stylish dining experience within the modern and uniquely designed restaurant. Modeled on the Michelin starred maze and maze grill in London, maze Gordon Ramsay Doha’s impressive show kitchen, at the heart of the restaurant is led by Executive Chef, Rob Daniels. The menu – designed by Gordon Ramsay – breaks with the formal traditions of European cuisine by adopting Asian influences in tasting-size dishes, perfect for sharing.

With dishes prepared using the finest local and international ingredients, maze Gordon Ramsay welcomes guests for lunch and dinner seven days a week to enjoy signature dishes including starters grilled Gulf macquerel, daikon cress, various radishes, tartare of yellow fin tuna, ponzu dressing and avocado. Main courses feature shoulder of slow-cooked Rivarina lamb, flavoured with garlic, asfar, zaatar and sauce epice and roasted hammour served with a Provencale board and garlic aioli. maze guests can choose from a selection of delicious desserts including Valrohna chocolate fondant, salt caramel sauce, peanut butter ice cream, pink peppercorn macaroon, roasted pineapple and white chocolate ice cream.

Comfortably seating 70 guests inside the modern d├ęcor restaurant and a further 90 on the opulent terrace, maze is also the perfect setting for exclusive events and private functions.

maze Gordon Ramsay on the Pearl-Qatar includes Doha in the elite collection of exclusive maze restaurants alongside London, New York, Cape Town and the soon-to-open maze Melbourne.

Known around the world for presenting TV cookery and food programs such as Hells’ Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay OBE is the pre-eminent British chef and television personality of our generation. Ramsay’s restaurants have been awarded a total of 15 Michelin Stars and he and is one of only three chefs in the United Kingdom to hold a coveted three Michelin Stars.
Commenting on the launch, Gordon Ramsay said: “I am extremely excited about the launch of maze Doha and the beginning of what will become a long-standing relationship with Alfardan Group.

maze Gordon Ramsay is located at Parcel 1, Porto Arabia on The Pearl-Qatar. For reservations 495 3876 extension 1431 or +9747171212 or email for more information.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maze of a Rose, by Yonatan Frimer

Maze of a rose - Flower Maze
Maze of a rose
Don't forget to water your mazes.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home finale for three Vols By: Wes Rucker

Home finale for three Vols By: Wes Rucker (source article)

KNOXVILLE -- What was intended to be a simple video e-mail message to the University of Tennessee turned into cut-down comedy hour.

UT senior basketball players Wayne Chism, Bobby Maze and J.P. Prince were asked merely to speak into the camera, thank students for their support this season and encourage them to attend senior night festivities before tonight's game against Arkansas.

Part of the senior night promotion includes free headbands to students, many of whom plan to wear them awkwardly high atop their heads in a tribute to Chism's self-described "yarmulke."

But the cameraman made a mistake. He didn't give the players a script.

"Come get your free headband," Chism said. "We're all going to wear one."

Tennessee's Wayne Chism (4) shoots past Florida's Alex Tyus (23) during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010, in Knoxville, Tenn. Chism is a senior this year. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

"Umm ... I'm not," Prince interrupted. "You couldn't pay me to wear one."

"Just because your head's too big," Maze responded. "We'd need a slingshot to get one on your big ol' head."

"My head's smaller than either of your nostrils," Prince shot back. "Your nasal strip would be bigger than my headband. When you sneeze, everyone in this arena gets wet."

Without blinking, Maze then wondered aloud whether students should get Prince's acne medication to go along with their Chism headbands.

Not to be outdone, Chism simply offered, "Y'all both ugly."

A normal video wouldn't have seemed appropriate, given the circuitous routes UT's seniors have taken to arrive at this point.

Chism, a four-star prospect and Pearl's first high-profile recruiting commitment to the Vols, is the only man left from the star-studded 2007 signing class. Tyler Smith, a Tennessee native who transferred to UT and became an All-Southeastern Conference forward and team captain, was on track to be honored tonight before getting dismissed from the program in January.

"I don't even know how to answer that question right now," Chism said regarding the losses of Smith and former classmates Duke Crews, Ramar Smith, Josh Tabb and Marques Johnson. "It's crazy, though. I mean, I came in with a lot of people, and through the times we've been here a lot of people have came and gone. Being the one left on senior night is kind of disappointing, but I know the guys are out there doing something better with their lives.

"They're still my brothers, and I still love and care about them."

Some left Chism's class, but others arrived, too.

Prince -- also a Tennessean -- transferred to UT in time to play three mostly successful seasons for the Vols.

Maze, a former Baltimore-area high school star, arrived last year after two seasons at Oklahoma and Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College.

"Everybody's got a story, but all that matters is that we came to Tennessee, we became a family and we won a lot of big basketball games," Maze said. "And those of us still here are going to leave with our heads held high."

Prince and Chism said they'd rather focus on Arkansas than get too caught up in senior night emotions.

"It's my last time playing here, but I don't want to make more out of it than it is right now," Prince said. "I've had some great times here, and we've won a lot of games in front of a lot of a great fans, and I'm going to miss it one day. But stuff like that won't hit me until years from now.

"I don't want to think about it too much right now, but you just want to leave the place better than when you came here, and I think we've done a good job of that. I'm proud of what we've done."

Chism opened up a little bit more than Prince.

"I kind of thought about it yesterday," Chism said. "I was like, 'Yeah, I'm just about to play my last home game.' It came pretty fast, so I was like, 'Wow.' But not excited."

After a slight nudge, the quirky big man said he's already seen the fruits of his UT labor.

"When you look back, you'd see all the orange seats were kind of empty back then, and you'd only see some people there at the games," said Chism, who has played more games than any Vol in history and is on track to graduate in May with a double major. "It was like, is it a D-II school or what? It's supposed to be a D-I school, it turned around when Coach Pearl got here -- and our first signees for him -- and then a lot of things changed from there. That gym became packed every game. Every game started being sold out because of the way Coach Pearl has turned this team around, and he's still doing it.

"I'm very proud. Back when I was in high school, people always said, 'Man, you shouldn't go to Tennessee.' Now when I go back home, everybody's a Tennessee fan."

Maze was the most openly emotional of the trio. That's not surprising, considering the point guard came to UT with a less-than-stellar reputation off the floor but is on pace to leave in May as a two-year starter who graduated and made the honor roll with a 3.5 senior-year GPA.

"This place means everything to me," Maze said. "Tennessee gave me a chance to change my identity and what people thought about me. When I was at Oklahoma, I was young and immature and got into a little bit of trouble and made some bad decisions. But since I've been here, there's been a total change. I haven't been in any off-the-court issues. I haven't been in any trouble. I'm going to graduate. I've changed my whole life around.

"I think of my two years here as a blessing; a changing point in life, a transition from a boy into a man. I will remember that my whole life."

But tonight ends the seniors' home careers only. They potentially have several more weeks to play.

"Nobody can ever take away that we beat the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the nation my senior year ... but we're not done yet," Maze said. "I want to come back here one day and be able to show my children hopefully a picture of my team and me, and I can tell them, 'Look what I was a part of.'

"Hopefully we can earn a big banner for this place, too."

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